Laffy by Clown Salts


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Clown Salts Laffy is a new amazing premium nicotine salt from Bad Drip Labs. This nicotine salt has the flavor of grape and berry taffy candy. This flavor profile is so spot on that you are going to be so stoked that you get to enjoy this popular flavor without worrying about cavities or calories! What is better than that?!

The inhale of this premium nic salt is the delicious and mouthwatering flavor of grape and berry taffy. The exhale of Laffy brings you much of the same flavors to enhance your vaping experience. This extraordinary nic salt will have you drooling with how delicious it is!

The throat hit with Laffy by Circus Salt is extremely smooth and mild. There is absolutely no charring or burning sensation allowing you to enjoy this nic salt all day with no repercussions. The mouth to lung experience is enjoyable and jam-packed with flavor.

Clown Salts Laffy E-liquid Features:

Flavor Profile: Grape, Blueberry as well as Taffy
VG/PG: 50/50

Additional information

Weight150 g
Bottles size

30 ml

Nicotine strength

25mg, 45mg


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